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Organ Solos

Organ solos (including single composer collections)
Canticle for organ

for organ

This attractive organ meditation develops a lyrical melody, set with warm and lush harmonies Published by: Zimbel Press
Composer: Turrin, Joseph
Catalog #: 80101245
Price: $6.00
Canticles for Organ for Organ

Canticles for Organ
for Organ

Instrumentation: Organ Composed: 2013 Published by: Zimbel Press Three short pieces (Magnificat, Nunc dimittis, and Te Deum) in a free,...
Composer: Penfield, Craig A.
Catalog #: 80101347
Price: $8.95
Caprice in C for organ

Caprice in C
for organ

This piece is a short and sprightly work which will prove useful as a service postlude or offertory. Tonally it roves through a variety of key...
Composer: Siebert, Mark
Catalog #: 80101197
Price: $5.00
Caprice for organ

for organ

8 page book Duration: 2'50" Published by: Dunstan House
Composer: Gawthrop, Daniel E.
Catalog #: 80200318
Price: $6.95
Carnival for Organ

for Organ

Copyright 1987. Published by: Seesaw Music
Composer: Garlick, Antony
Catalog #: 50011470
Price: $13.95
Celebrate Past, Present, and Future for Organ

Celebrate Past, Present, and Future
for Organ

This organ fantasy incorporates on of the composer's original hymn tunes along with the familiar tune ST. ANNE. Very suitable for a postlude on a...
Composer: Prins, Iteke
Catalog #: 80101346
Price: $9.95
Celebration ( Marian's Piece ) for organ

Celebration (Marian's Piece)
for organ

A one-movement fantasy suitable for recital or extended church occasions. Begins and ends with expansive, celebratory music and explores many other...
Composer: Diemer, Emma Lou
Catalog #: 80101216
Price: $12.00
Celebration (Variations for Organ)

Celebration (Variations for Organ)

Organ Duration: 10' Composed: 2003 Published by: Subito Music Publishing
Composer: Locklair, Dan
Catalog #: 91480115
Price: $17.95
Ceremonial Suite for Organ

Ceremonial Suite
for Organ

Ceremonial Suite (2017) is a three movement work: a majestic Processional, a lyrical Aria, and a joyous Grand choeur dialogué. The suite is suitable...
Composer: Cooman, Carson
Catalog #: 80101387
Price: $9.95
Chaconne for Organ

for Organ

Copyright 1997. Published by: Seesaw Music
Composer: Baxter, Leigh
Catalog #: 50001610
Price: $18.95

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