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for SSAA/SSAA, a cappella

Composer: Payne, Maggi

  • 80300179

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Choral Octavo


Min:  8
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This is that special piece for your special choir: a tonal, a cappella, double chorus tour de force of minimalist techniques that sounds like...the desert! This piece repays careful study: the conductor who helps the singers identify repeated patterns, and the relation of each part to its counterpart in the other chorus, will accelerate the learning process. Your reward is four sections of differing programmatic effects, to be performed as one long movement. 1. Pyramid Lake (SSAA/SSAA a cappella; duration: 1’30”; range: g-e”; difficulty: medium-difficult). 2. Death Valley (SSAA/SSAA a cappella; duration: 1’50”; range: b flat - f”; difficulty: medium-difficult). 3. Bryce Canyon (SSAA/SSAA a cappella; duration: 2’40”; range: a-d”; difficulty: medium-difficult). 4. Devil’s Playground (SSAA/SSAA a cappella; duration: 2’20”; range: f-a”; difficulty: medium-difficult). Instrumentation: SSAA/SSAA, a cappella
Published by: Treble Clef Music

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