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Time Management
for Double Bass solo

Composer: Hindman, Dorothy

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“…the vocabulary of this work is filled with extended gestures such as artificial harmonic glissandi, bowing behind the bridge, left hand hammer-ons, overly pressed scratchy tones, etc. The piece has all the attributes of a great story, beginning in a quirky fun manner and then becoming something unexpected, a virtuosic display with a wildly exciting ending. It is the effect of the pacing that is the tour de force, a one-way downhill roller coaster ride…the work remains in the lower half of the instrument for the most part and only ventures into the very highest registers for effect. The extraordinary challenge is to execute the variety of extended gestures within the tempo over eleven minutes. To play this work successfully requires mastering the art of Time Management.” ~Hans Sturm, editor. Bass World

Instrumentation: Double Bass solo
Duration: 12'
Composed: 2004
Published by: Distributed Composer
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