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for baritone voice & chamber orchestra

Composer: Roumain, Daniel Bernard (DBR)

  • 17150170

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Study Score


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Instrumentation: 2 Flutes; 2 Oboes; 2 Clarinets (B-flat); 2 Bassoons; 2 Horns (F); 2 Trumpets (C); 1 Trombone; Timpani (2 drums, 1 snare drum); Baritone Voice (optional); Strings
Duration: 7'
Full Score & Parts: available on rental
Composed: 2004
Published by: Notevole Music Publishing

Harvest is my arrangement of the African-American spiritual Singer, Please Don't Let This Harvest Pass,” composer Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) explains. “It's scored for baritone voice and chamber orchestra and was commissioned by the Albany Symphony Orchestra. The work is part of a collection of arrangements, by a group of contemporary composers, of African-American spiritual music, forming the orchestra's ‘Spirituals Re-Imagined’ project.”
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