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Chaconnerie, Silvia Marquez, Harpsichord

Composer: Sierra, Roberto

  • 92090243

Publication Type

Audio CD


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IBS Classical.
Silvia Marquez Chulilla

Chaconnerie is a recording that deals with repetition. Chaconnerie illustrates that particular principle of Art that seeks to combine elements over and over again to achieve balance and unity. Chaconnerie encourages us to undertake a voyage in which sounds through the centuries build upon an insistently repeated, or imaginatively varied, scheme. Repetition has been a major element of humankinds artistic manifestations and expressions ever since the time of the Moais on Easter Island up to the drawings of Max C. Escher. Repetition is rhythm, pulse, and life, and life overflows in the chaconne, a dance whose origin Lope de Vega attributed to the American Indian (from the Indies to Seville / it has come by post) and whose character Miguel de Cervantes describes as lascivious and immoral. With its accent on the second beat and its variations on a harmonic scheme, this dancing base - together with sarabandes, folias, and passacaglias - was conducive to improvisation on chordal progressions, a novelty that had a crucial impact on Baroque music in Europe.

Track 1: Ciaccona Bernardo Storace
Track 2: Partite Sopra La Romanesca Michelangelo Rossi
Track 3: Differencias Sobre Las Vacas Antonio de Cabezon
Track 4: Hungarian Rock Gyorgy Ligeti
Track 5: Chaconne La Complaignante Louis Couperin
Track 6: Chaconne In G Minor Hwv Georg Friedrich Haendel
Track 7: Folia Alessandro Scarlatti
Track 8: Ciaccona From Partita 2 Bwv 1004
Track 9: "Les Folies D'espagne" With 12 Variations Wq. 118/9 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Track 10: Montuno En Forma De Chacona Roberto Sierra *World Premiere Recording
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