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Suite in F
for Organ

Composer: Cooman, Carson

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"Suite in F" (2017) is in three movements: Praeambulum, Ground, and Fantasia. The first movement, "Praeambulum," begins with F's as descending octaves followed by a rising scalar passage. This theme returns throughout the movement and also serves to provide the harmonic material for the intervening episodes. The second movement, "Ground," unfolds over a repeating bass line, beginning with a spare two-part texture (that returns near the end) and increases in harmonic density. The third movement, "Fantasia," begins in F and introduces its two basic musical ideas: a fanfare-like march figure and a pattern of quickly alternating 3rds. The music moves through several modal areas before reaching an exultant conclusion.

Instrumentation: Organ
Duration: 11'
Composed: 2017
Published by: Zimbel Press
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