Sierra: Sinfonias [CD]

Composer: Sierra, Roberto

  • 92090210

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Audio CD


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Albany Records (Troy 942)
Frost Symphony Orchestra; Thomas Sleeper, conductor

Sinfonia No. 3 "La Salsa"
Sinfonia No. 2 "Gran Passacaglia"
Sinfonia No. 1

"Not the least of Sierra's gifts is the ability to write highly dissonant music that's still enjoyable and tantalizing to the ear. ... These performances...are pretty terrific. The playing is excellent, and conductor Thomas Sleeper lets the music sing and dance as the composer clearly intended." (
"[Sinfonia No. 2] is dense but carefully textured, and glowing with equally well-thought-out strands of color. ...Sierra is a fascinating composer with his considerable skill and imagination on display here." (Fanfare)
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