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Tapestries: Choral Music of Dan Locklair [2CD]

Composer: Locklair, Dan

  • 91408332


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Brand new from MSR Classics – Tapestries – Choral Music of Dan Locklair – a 2-CD set (MS1463) performed by The Choral Art Society, Robert Russell conductor and Bel Canto Company, led by David Pegg.

Disc: 1

1. Dan Locklair: Holy Canticles 1. Magnificat
2. Dan Locklair: Holy Canticles 2. Nunc dimittis
3. Dan Locklair: Holy Canticles 3. Te Deum laudamus
4. Dan Locklair: Alleluia Dialogues
5. Dan Locklair: Instant Culture
6. Dan Locklair: On Cats 1. The Lion
7. Dan Locklair: On Cats 2. Cat
8. Dan Locklair: On Cats 3. The Mysterious Cat
9. Dan Locklair: On Cats 4. December Cats
10. Dan Locklair: On Cats 5. How to tell a Tiger
11. Dan Locklair: Break Away!
12. Dan Locklair: Dona Nobis Pacem
13. Dan Locklair: Proclaim The Lord
14. Dan Locklair: A Christmas Carol
15. Dan Locklair: Three Christmas Motets 1. Quem Vidistis Pastores?
16. Dan Locklair: Three Christmas Motets 2. O Magnum
Mysterium 17. Dan Locklair: Three Christmas Motets 3. Hodie Christus Natus Est

Disc: 2

1. Dan Locklair: Windswept (the trees) 1. Windy Morning with a Little Sleet
2. Dan Locklair: Windswept (the trees) 2. Recovery (a cappella)
3. Dan Locklair: Windswept (the trees) 3. March Song
4. Dan Locklair: Windswept (the trees) 4. Still Frame (a cappella)
5. Dan Locklair: Windswept (the trees) 5. Interference
6. Dan Locklair: Windswept (the trees) 6. Wiring (a cappella)
7. Dan Locklair: Windswept (the trees) 7. Bay Bank
8. Dan Locklair: Windswept (the trees) 8. Shading Flight In (a cappella)
9. Dan Locklair: Windswept (the trees) 9. In the Wind My Rescue Is
10. Dan Locklair: For Amber Waves
11. Dan Locklair: Tapestries
12. Dan Locklair: Brief Mass 1. Kyrie
13. Dan Locklair: Brief Mass 2. Gloria
14. Dan Locklair: Brief Mass 3. Credo
15. Dan Locklair: Brief Mass 4. Sanctus
16. Dan Locklair: Brief Mass 5. Agnus Dei
17. Dan Locklair: Changing Perceptions 1. what do we know about life
18. Dan Locklair: Changing Perceptions 2. A. M. R.
19. Dan Locklair: Changing Perceptions 3. Grief Poem
20. Dan Locklair: Changing Perceptions 4. High Flight
21. Dan Locklair: Changing Perceptions 5. like the river that passes away
22. Dan Locklair: Epitaph

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