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for Big Band Jazz Ensemble

Composer: Hemphill, Julius

  • 90920150

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In 1980, Julius premiered a range of compositional work for a new 12-piece ensemble at the New Jazz at the Public Theatre concert series in New York City. In 1988 he recorded a number of these pieces on The Julius Hemphill Big Band recording, expanding the brass and rhythm sections in the process. These are wonderfully evocative jazz orchestra pieces.

As of this time, we have made edited editions for C/Saw and for Leora. C/Saw is a spirited 12-bar blues, played both with a half-time funk feel, and an up-tempo jazz feel. Leora is a deeply affecting tone poem that consists of a long harmonic chorale. The solo line is left to the featured improviser, presenting a rich texture for the soloist to create their "story." This work can be heard on the "Julius Hemphill Big Band" recording with Hemphill as a saxophone soloist. However, it is an open orchestration, allowing for any instrumentalist to take the soloist role. It is a very unique work in the Jazz Orchestra canon.

Instrumentation: SAT sax, bcl; 2tp, 2hn, 2tbn; 2gtr, bass, pno, drums
Duration: 6'
Composed: 1987
Published by: Subito Music Publishing
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