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Mega Magic Music
for 8 Antiphonal Female Voices

Composer: Fulkerson, Christopher

  • 29130150

Publication Type

Choral Score


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Fifteen Paganini Caprice Variations

Instrumentation: 8 Antiphonal Female Voices
Duration: 25' Composed: 2021
Published by: Christopher Fulkerson

Great Way of the Spirit (Tarot Card: The Universe)
Transformation of the Spirit (Tarot Card: Judgement)
Significator of the Spirit (Tarot Card: The Sun)
Experience of the Spirit (Tarot Card: The Moon)
Catalyst of the Spirit (Tarot Card: The Star)
Potentiator of the Spirit (Tarot Card: The Lightning Struck Tower)
Matrix of the Spirit (Tarot Card: Primeval Darkness)
Great Way of the Body (Tarot Card: The Alchemist)
Transformation of the Body (Tarot Card: Death)
Significator of the Body (Tarot Card: The Hanged Man)
Experience of the Body (Tarot Card: The Enchantress)
Catalyst of the Body (Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune)
Potentiator of the Body (Tarot Card: Wisdom)
Matrix of the Body (Tarot Card: Justice)
Great Way of the Mind (Tarot Card: The Chariot)
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