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"Bubbles Everyday!" for Marimba, Violin, Violoncello
Price: $11.95
Instrumentation: Marimba, Violin, Violoncello Duration: 2' Composed: 2006 Published by: Anthony Cornicello
"Call the Mainland" for Soprano, Guitar & Ondes Martenot
Price: $40.00
Text by Alice Fulton Instrumentation: Soprano, Guitar & Ondes Martenot (or Synthesizer) Duration: 6' Composed: 2010 Published by: Anthony Cornicello
"There is, in intimacy, a secretmost line..." for Woman's voice, violin and piano
Includes Violin part Instrumentation: Female voice, violin and piano Duration: 2' Composed: 2008 Published by: Alla Pavlova
"…neither am I a bloodless angel" for Cello & Piano
Price: $22.95
A lyrical and large-arcing piece that vacillates between romantic pathos, impressionist sound painting, and tumultuous virtuosity. Instrumentation: ... more info for Soprano & Piano
Price: $17.95
Lyrics by Beth Levin Instrumentation: Soprano & Piano Duration: 6' Composed: 2018 Published by: Distributed Composer
#One, #Two, #Three, #Four for Saxophone, Trumpet & Percussion
Original manuscript sketches from Notebook No. 1. Instrumentation: Saxophone, Trumpet & Percussion Published by: Subito Music Publishing
& A Warm Hello from the Alien Ant Farm for Tenor & Piano
Price: $20.95
Instrumentation: Tenor & Piano Duration: 14' Composed: 2004 Published by: Distributed Composer
'Tis Spring When Love Controls for SATB Chorus & Piano
Min:  8
Price: $3.25
Instrumentation: SATB Chorus & Piano Duration: 3' Composed: 1939 Published by: Notevole Music Publishing Minimum order quantity: 8 copies. To order ... more info
...and nothing remains the same for Flute, Viola & 'Cello
Price: $20.95
This short work is an essay on change and the ephemeral nature of our world. The fundamental truth that change is constant, is one that poets and ... more info
...e la luna nassara' per sognar un altro di for String Quartet
Instrumentation: String Quartet Duration: 8’30” Composed: 2017-2018 Published by: Justin Zeitlinger
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