The Saint Louis Blues (BachScholar Edition Vol. 28)
for Piano

Composer: Handy, W. C.

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BachScholar Edition Vol. 28 – The Saint Louis Blues (8 pages) presents a rich concert arrangement and heartfelt, soulful rendering of W.C. Handy’s classic song. Many pianists and arrangers turn the song into a “fast” and “technical” tour de force; however, pianist and arranger Cory Hall does something strikingly different and original here by using Handy’s original, slow and melancholic “Habanera” style rhythms (indicated in the original 1914 piano/vocal) and exact chord structure as the basis for an ethereal and remarkably beautiful interpretation. This late-intermediate to advanced level arrangement is ideal for the teaching studio and concert hall.

Instrumentation: Piano
Published by: BachScholar
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