4 Medieval Portraits (BachScholar Edition Vol. 30)
for Piano

Composer: Hall, Cory

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BachScholar Edition Vol. 30 – 4 Medieval Portraits (18 pages) offers advanced-level pianists and concert artists four programmatic concert pieces of immense musical interest, imagination, and virtuosity, all of which have “medieval” titles and employ “medieval” style compositional devices (i.e., open and parallel fifths, tetrachord progressions, metric modulations, a statement of Dies irae in No. 4, etc.). The cycle takes a total of ca. 17 minutes to perform in entirety, although the pieces can also be performed singly or in pairs:

1. In Days of Yore
2. The Jester’s Delight
3. The Old Castle
4. St. George and the Dragon

Instrumentation: Piano
Composed: 2011
Published by: BachScholar
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