Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (BachScholar Edition Vol. 48)
for Piano

Composer: Bach, J. S.

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BachScholar Edition Vol. 48 – Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (4 pages) presents a rich, romantic-style concert arrangement of Bach’s famous chorale setting from Cantata No. 147. The most well-known piano version, by Myra Hess, is a literal transcription from the cantata, which not only presents several awkward and difficult technical challenges, but can easily sound dry and technical on the modern piano. Hall’s arrangement is refreshingly different and original and less difficult to play than Hess’ version, making it more accessible to pianists and listeners. Hall transcribes Jesu to the lush, romantic key of D-flat major, which results in a deeper sound (a tri-tone lower than the original G major) and is easier to play and has more idiomatic fingerings due to the use of all five black keys. Hall’s arrangement is ideal for the teaching studio and concert hall for all grades from the intermediate through concert level.

Instrumentation: Piano
Published by: BachScholar
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