Sinfonia from Cantata 29 trans. Saint-Saëns (BachScholar Edition Vol. 78)
for Keyboard

Composer: Bach, J. S.

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BachScholar Editions Vol. 78: J.S. BACH: Sinfonia from Cantata 29 (trans. Saint-Saëns) (9 pages) presents arguably the finest romantic-era piano transcription of Bach’s exciting Sinfonia from Cantata 29, which Bach reworked from his previously composed PreludioV from Partita No. 3 for Solo Violin. The once child prodigy and musical genius, Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921), pulled out all the stops on this electrifying virtuoso piano transcription of Bach’s famous work, which was first published in 1862. The present performance edition improves upon the currently existing edition by supplying ample fingerings, pedaling and expression indications, as well as a suggested metronome speed. Advanced pianists, concert artists, and audiences will absolutely love this first-rate virtuoso transcription in the romantic tradition.

Published by: BachScholar
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