Opera in 2 Acts

Composer: Giddens/Abels,

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Study Score


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Study Score (8½x14)

Music by Rhiannon Giddens & Michael Abels, Libretto by Rhiannon Giddens.
The opera OMAR is derived from the autobiography of a West African Muslim scholar named Omar Ibn Said, who was abducted and sent to America, where he was enslaved in the Carolinas. His 1831 memoir, written in Arabic, leaves behind in veiled form the spiritual journey of a man who, brutalized by history, managed to hold on to the faith of his people.

World Premiere: Spoleto Music Festival, Charleston, SC, May 2022.

All performances must be licensed. Contact for information.

Instrumentation: Solosits, Chorus & Orchestra
Duration: 125'
Composed: 2021
Published by: Subito/Notevole Music Publishing
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