Bach Meets Ragtime: 10 Four-Part Chorales Arranged - Volume 2 (BachScholar Edition Vol. 86)
for Piano

Composer: Bach, J. S.

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BachScholar Editions Vol. 86: BACH MEETS RAGTIME: 10 Four-Part Chorales Arranged (Volume 2) (41 pages) was born out of classic ragtime and related style improvisations on selected four-part chorales by J.S. Bach. These arrangements transform Bach’s short chorales into exciting and idiomatic concert pieces for piano while fully retaining the chorales’ original melodies and harmonies. Styles encountered in this collection include two-step rags, cake walk, waltz, etude, cool swing, march macabre, and hoedown. The ten pieces have been assembled in a strategic order so that they may be played in succession as an effective concert cycle. In addition, they may be played singly or in pairs and groups as the performer sees fit. A complete performance lasts approximately 36 minutes. This collection is ideal for piano students, teachers, and concert artists who seek fresh, new, and creative material for study and performance.

Instrumentation: Keyboard/Theory
Published by: BachScholar
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