The Well-Tempered Hanon
(BachScholar Edition Vol. 56)

Composer: Hall, Cory

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The Well-Tempered Hanon: Hanon the way Bach would have done it (spiral-bound, 241 pages plus a 4-page Preface with background information and practice tips), presents Part 1 of Charles-Louis Hanon’s “The Virtuoso Pianist” (20 exercises) transposed into all 24 major and minor keys harmonized in thirds and sixths resulting in invertible counterpoint. This results in a virtually endless supply of indispensable exercises (480 in all) valuable for the study of sight-reading, counterpoint, fingering, technique, and transposition. These highly “Bachian” style exercises offer a lifetime source of inspirational and musical lessons ideal for piano and organ students and teachers of all levels and abilities, from the beginning levels through university studies and beyond. Hanon’s exercises modified in the style of J.S. Bach serve as especially useful preparations for the reading and playing of polyphonic music in a variety of major and minor keys such as Bach’s inventions, canons, and fugues.

Instrumentation: Keyboard
Published by: BachScholar
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