Aviv: Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
for Solo Piano, Chamber Orchestra (2-2-0-2; 0-2-0-0; strings)

Composer: Feigin, Joel

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“Aviv” is the Hebrew word for spring, and this 21st century tribute to Mozart is a lively and joyful piece. Written for a typical 18th century orchestra (pairs of flutes, oboes, bassoons, horns, and strings), Aviv is a deconstruction of a Mozart piano concerto, using all the usual elements, such as an orchestral ritornello, solo exposition, slow movement, and lively rondo, only to juxtapose them in unexpected ways.

Instrumentation: Solo Piano, Chamber Orchestra (2-2-0-2; 0-2-0-0; strings)
Duration: 20'
Composed: 2009
Published by: Distributed Composer

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