The Morning Dew: For Marimba
for Marimba

Composer: Kim, Chan Ji

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The Morning Dew for solo Marimba is about the moment just before dawn when dewdrops form. The music flows like the morning dew, forming suddenly but slowly and drying up in the morning light. This piece consists five episodes, structured in a theme and variation form. The various themes lead up to the statement of the main theme starting in the first measure of the final section, which is the end of the journey of the morning dew. The melody is weaved into the texture of the work, appearing in colorist transition. The clear melody finally appears at the very last moment.  Range of the instrument: 5-octave; Required mallets: soft yarn mallet and hard yarn mallet

Instrumentation: Marimba
Composed: 2003
Published by: Calabrese Brothers Music
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