5. Ush'mor tseiteinu (Guard Our Going Out)
for Unison, piano

Composer: Tarlow, Karen A.

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Choral Octavo


Min:  8
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These seven sacred songs are suitable for treble, mixed, or men's choirs, or for solo performance. The texts are taken from various Sabbath services; many are suitable for use as anthems in Christian worship. While all are easy, each has distinctive features-rhythmic extension of a phrase, shifting meters, or harmonic subtleties-which make the set rank very, very high on the "simple does not have to mean stupid" scale. Please, before you buy another boring dreidel song, look at these. This benediction prays for protection during the night, and peace. Its swaying rhythms in 4/4, and section sung to the syllables "dai, dai", encourage the singers to experience the music very directly, in almost trance-like fashion. Unison; piano; Hebrew; Easy. Instrumentation: Unison, piano
Published by: Treble Clef Music

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