Keyboard Cousins
for Piano

Composer: Zaimont, Judith Lang

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Throughout our wonderful spectrum of sounds every instrument speaks in its own unique voice - in a special manner, with a special accent. Keyboard Cousins asks the developing pianist to adopt a few of these other "voices" using controlled varieties of touch. —Judith Lang Zaimont

The Harpsichord
A Harpsichord's sounds are short and a bit brittle. So use a detached touch, and no pedal.

The Guitar
A Guitar's tones linger, and the instrument responds to flexing tempos. Watch for the detached, moving inner line, shared from hand to hand, while the top and bottom anchor points sustain. And note the given direction for certain arpeggios, and where the tempo loosens (especially a long ending ritard).

The Harp
A Harp's exuberance flourishes across its wide range. Its arabesques build up resonance over time, so watch how the pedaling matches the phrasing. Though the meter twice switches from triple to duple, there are the same steady 2 beats in every bar.

Keyboard Cousins is included in Piano Premieres, Volume 1 (Cat.# 96010590), New music for developing pianists.

Instrumentation: Piano
Duration: ca. 5'
Composed: 2020
Published by: Subito Music Publishing
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