Love and Science (libretto)
Musical Theater work

Composer: Silverman, Stanley

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Paul and Elizabeth inhabit a magic house, visited by dancing bears and prophetic strangers. But Elizabeth complains that her husband spends all his time at work on a magic radio. So, to be closer to his wife, Paul moves his laboratory into their home. Visiting scientists judge his radio worthless, and only their beautiful female assistant encourages Paul. But when he discovers she only hopes to seduce him, he angrily smashes his radio. To his surprise, its music continues, and he realizes it has been the music of his wife's love all along. With this understanding, his pure child self appears before his eyes and blesses the reconciliation of Paul and Elizabeth. —Richard Foreman

Paul, a scientist (Baritone)
Dr. Alfred, a scientist (Tenor)
Dr. Fred, a scientist (Baritone)
Young Paul, Paul as a young boy (Boy Soprano)
Elizabeth, Paul's wife (Soprano)
Anna, a strange visitor (Mezzo-Soprano)
Marie, an assistant to the scientists (Soprano)
Two Bears, dancers (non-singing)

Instrumentation: Piano, Celeste/Organ, Percussion & String Quartet
Duration: '
Composed: 1991
Published by: Ben Rena Music

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