Creativity & Doodling
Book of drawings

Composer: Corea, Chick

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A colorful book from the mind and hand of the great master jazz pianist.

"It's a kick to make something out of nothing. It seems most people like to do this. The lady of the house takes a look at an empty kitchen table and envisions a table setting including flowers and napkins with a particular design. Or an architect sees an empty lot and envisions a new apartment building in that space complete with interior and exterior colors and materials. Or anybody, including myself, takes a look at a blank piece of paper and starts drawing shapes on it...

...There's another very human tendency - and that's to want to attach meaning and significance to things in life - to a song, to an event, to something viewed - literally to anything. It's usually an automatic thing. Everything needs to mean something. This tendency to attach meaning is also a kind of creativity, I suppose. But I find that, unless there is also a sufficient amount of creation without "meaning" or "purpose" then the motions and emotions of living can become bogged down with too much weighty significance." - Chick Corea (Excerpted from the foreward to Creativity & Doodling)

Book size: 6"x6" 36 pages
Published by: Chick Corea Productions
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