Sight-Reading & Harmony (BachScholar Edition Vol. 14)
for Keyboard / Theory

Composer: Bach, J.S.

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The BachScholar Edition Vol. 14 — Sight-Reading & Harmony (Complete Edition) (220 pages), the world’s #1 leading book and system on sight-reading for keyboard, introduces a highly effective and progressive 5-Tier System of Four-Part Hymns & Chorales™. The four-part chorales of J.S. Bach are regarded by most educators as the “ultimate litmus test” in music reading and sight-reading. Sight-Reading & Harmony uses Bach’s chorales in a progressive fashion (with the 5-Tier System) to teach sight-reading skills from the beginning through advanced grades. The book also includes instructions for exams for all the grades, technical exercises for pianists and organists relevant to the playing of Bach’s chorales, explanations of chord identification and other theoretical topics relevant to Bach’s use of harmony, and various organizational indexes. Ideal for college and university classes, keyboard & theory group classes, piano and organ teachers and students, and self-learners.

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