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Columbia University Music Press

The Columbia University Music Press Series features the music of composers of the last half of the 20th Century in a well-edited and beautifully engraved or manuscript format, suitable for performance and for study. The Series was conceived as a way to bring these new works to a wider audience than was possible via personal contact with the composer or small, hard-to-find specialty outlets. Watch for new additions to the catalog in 2008!
Piano Quintet No. 2

Piano Quintet No. 2

Finney's highly individual style is evident in this four-movement work from 1961. Beautifuly transparent writing is the rule. The Epilogue is...
Composer: Finney, Ross Lee
Catalog #: 80102551
Price: $60.00
Sonata for double bass & piano

for double bass & piano

Three movements: 1. Prologue-Cadenzas , rhythmically free through most of its length; 2. Threnody , a more introspectiv e slow movement; 3. Scherzo:...
Composer: Hodkinson, Sidney
Catalog #: 80103049
Price: $46.00
Chamber Concerto

Chamber Concerto

Instrumentation: harp solo, flute, clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello (a bass part may be added if a small string orchestra is used) The Chamber...
Composer: Handel, Darrell
Catalog #: 80102965
Price: $41.00
Quartet for four horns & tape

for four horns & tape

The four horns play against and with electronically generated sounds. The sounds (on CD) — along with careful study — are needed for performance....
Composer: Pinkston, Russell
Catalog #: 80103048
Price: $39.95
Sonata for cello & piano

for cello & piano

A major work by this highly respected but seldom played composer. The three movements are marked Allegro , Largo , and Scherzo . The edition is by...
Composer: Shifrin, Seymour
Catalog #: 80103040
Price: $38.95
10 Bagatelles for oboe & string quartet

10 Bagatelles
for oboe & string quartet

Ten short pieces (the longest is only 29 measures) which vary in difficulty. Very cleverly constructed Duration: 9' Published by: Columbia University...
Composer: Wheelock, Donald
Catalog #: 80102851
Price: $35.95
String Quartet

String Quartet

This is a short, single-movement work dedicated to the memory of Luigi Dallapiccola Published by: Columbia University Music Press
Composer: Eckert, Michael
Catalog #: 80102833
Price: $35.95
Fantasy for English horn & harpsichord

for English horn & harpsichord

This is an extended single-movement work with sections of free and fast or slow tempos. Braxton Blake is an American composer and conductor of...
Composer: Blake, Braxton
Catalog #: 80103031
Price: $34.95
Life, A for cello & piano

Life, A
for cello & piano

The five movements are Birth , Light , Love , Young Manhood , Departure ; not to be confused with Bacon’s Cello Sonata (1946) Edition by: Joel...
Composer: Bacon, Ernst
Catalog #: 80103038
Price: $34.95
Huntingdon Twos and Threes for flute, oboe & cello

Huntingdon Twos and Threes
for flute, oboe & cello

Written for the versatile Huntingdon Trio, this is a set of three short duets (one each of flute/oboe, flute/cello, oboe/cello) and three short for...
Composer: Phillips, Burrill
Catalog #: 80102834
Price: $33.95
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