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"Bubbles Everyday!" for Marimba, Violin, Violoncello
Price: $11.95
Instrumentation: Marimba, Violin, Violoncello Duration: 2' Composed: 2006 Published by: Anthony Cornicello
"Call the Mainland" for Soprano, Guitar & Ondes Martenot
Price: $40.00
Text by Alice Fulton Instrumentation: Soprano, Guitar & Ondes Martenot (or Synthesizer) Duration: 6' Composed: 2010 Published by: Anthony Cornicello
"There is, in intimacy, a secretmost line..." for Woman's voice, violin and piano
Includes Violin part Instrumentation: Female voice, violin and piano Duration: 2' Composed: 2008 Published by: Alla Pavlova
"…neither am I a bloodless angel" for Cello & Piano
Price: $22.95
A lyrical and large-arcing piece that vacillates between romantic pathos, impressionist sound painting, and tumultuous virtuosity. Instrumentation: ... more info for Soprano & Piano
Price: $17.95
Lyrics by Beth Levin Instrumentation: Soprano & Piano Duration: 6' Composed: 2018 Published by: Distributed Composer
& A Warm Hello from the Alien Ant Farm for Tenor & Piano
Price: $20.95
Instrumentation: Tenor & Piano Duration: 14' Composed: 2004 Published by: Distributed Composer
'Tis Spring When Love Controls for SATB Chorus & Piano
Min:  8
Price: $3.25
Instrumentation: SATB Chorus & Piano Duration: 3' Composed: 1939 Published by: Notevole Music Publishing Minimum order quantity: 8 copies. To order ... more info
...e la luna nassara' per sognar un altro di for String Quartet
Price: $37.95
Instrumentation: String Quartet Duration: 8’30” Composed: 2017-2018 Published by: Justin Zeitlinger
...of fields unfolding...echoing depths of resonant light
Price: $49.00
Instrumentation: solo vcl; 2222; 4221; perc, hp; stgs Duration: 19' Composed: 2015 Published by: Distributed Composer Performance materials available ... more info
00Opinions for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Percussion, Electric Bass, Live Low-Tech Electronics, Piano/Sampler (One-Player), and Pre-Recorded CD
Includes CDR with Pre-recorded audio and Keyboard Samples Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Percussion, Electric Bass, Live Low-Tech ... more info
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