Complete Guide to Major & Minor Scales, Volume 2 (BachScholar Edition Vol. 90)
for Keyboard

Composer: Hall, Cory

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BachScholar Editions Vol. 90Complete Guide to Major & Minor Scales, Volume 2 (58 pages), written especially for piano teachers and students, continues the 24 major and minor scales learned in Volume 1. Volume 2, for upper intermediate to advanced level students (Grades 5-7), presents all scales two octaves in parallel and contrary motion and in parallel thirds, sixths, and tenths indicated with traditional fingerings. Also included is a section on multiple-octave scales in three and four octaves. Students learn the essential theory concepts of key signatures (all seven sharps and flats), parallel and relative major and minor keys, and harmonizing scales in thirds, sixths, and tenths. Volume 2 is accompanied with weekly lesson plans freely available to the public on The Well-Rounded Pianist website, hence, this is not merely a “scale book” but a “complete scale guide” with step-by-step instructions written especially for teachers and students. The manuscript is large, dark, and very easy to read, making this an indispensable guide for teachers’ studios and piano students at the upper intermediate to advanced levels.

Published by: BachScholar
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