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Overture concertante
for Organ & Strings

Composer: Cooman, Carson

  • 80101416

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Set of Parts


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Additional string parts (8-7-6-5-4)

score, organ part, and string quintet set available (Cat. No. 80101415)

"Overture concertante" (2018) is, as the title suggests, an overture with a concerto-like character. The music begins with a slow theme in dotted rhythms in the manner of a traditional baroque overture. The faster music that follows begins first with the organ alone, employing a “basse de trompette” texture (the organ’s trumpet stop sounding in the bass register). This is soon answered by a bright, melodic theme in the strings. The interplay of these three main ideas is developed across the rest of the piece.

Instrumentation: Organ & Strings
Duration: 6’
Composed: 2018
Published by: Zimbel Press
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