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Three Floral Preludes
for organ

Composer: Gawthrop, Daniel E.

  • 80200912


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I. Floral Prelude on Leucanthemum Vulgare; II. Floral Prelude on Zehenspitzen durch die Tulpen; III. Floral Prelude on La Rose Jaune
14 page book
Published by: Dunstan House

Composer's Note: Organ preludes are frequently heard in religious services as well as organ recitals, but are commonly based on the tunes of hymns or chorales. Adapting the prelude form to tunes of a more secular nature introduces some slightly irreverent humor into the mix. These are called "floral" preludes rather than "choral" preludes because each of the tunes includes the name of a flower either in its title or its lyric ("Daisy, Daisy give me your answer, do;" "Tiptoe Through the Tulips," and "The Yellow Rose of Texas").
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