Sight-Reading & Harmony: Grades 3-4 (Early Intermediate)
for Keyboard

Composer: Bach, J.S.

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BachScholar Edition Vol. 40: SIGHT-READING & HARMONY: GRADES 3-4 (Early Intermediate) (12 pages) is a short and practical book that presents forty-eight selected sight-reading excerpts and two sample exams taken from Sight-Reading & Harmony (Complete Edition). It is the second volume of five in Sight-Reading & Harmony’s “Sight-Reading Only Edition” series, created specifically for piano and organ teachers and students who wish to concentrate on sight-reading only without being burdened by the technical exercises and musical theory covered in the extensive, 220-page Sight-Reading & Harmony (Complete Edition). Ideal for students of all ages of early intermediate to intermediate levels, college and university classes, keyboard & theory group classes, piano and organ teachers and students, and self-learners.

Instrumentation: Keyboard
Published by: BachScholar
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