Sierra: Souvenirs [CD]

Composer: Sierra, Roberto

  • 92090220

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Audio CD


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Albany Records (Troy 1078)
Sinfonia Da Camera; Eduardo Diazmunoz, conductor; Ian Hobson, conductor & pianist

1. Fandangos
2. Souvenir de Porto Rico (Louis Moreau Gottschalk)
3. Reflections on a Souvenir
4. Variations on a Souvenir
5. Toccata

"[Roberto Sierra's] a composer of enormous energy, and his music's drama, athleticism, and brilliant color are its most notable qualities. ...Ian Hobson is stunning in all of these works, wearing multiple hats of soloist and conductor. He brings an old-school virtuosic temperament to his interpretation, yet seems completely attuned to the composer's intent and aesthetic." (Fanfare)
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