Sight-Reading & Harmony: Sample Exams (Bachscholar Edition Vol. 36)
for Keyboard / Theory

Composer: BachScholar, [Cory Hall, Ed.]

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Instrumentation: Keyboard / Theory

ABOUT THIS BOOK (Vol. 36): Sight-Reading & Harmony: Sample Exams (29 pages) serves as a supplement to Sight-Reading & Harmony (Complete Edition). This volume presents 144 selected four-part Bach chorale excerpts from the larger 220-page book organized into four exams each for Grades 1-10 plus the Master of Harmony course of study. The exams follow the criteria set forth in Sight-Reading & Harmony (Complete Edition). This volume also includes an answer key for the four Master of Harmony exams, which indicates all the chords encountered plus Roman numeral indications for all the cadences. Ideal for college and university classes, keyboard & theory group classes, piano and organ teachers and students, and self-learners.

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