for String Quintet

Composer: Nabors, Brian

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Caged is an energetic, rhapsodic journey geared toward carrying the listener through a range of emotions. As with much of my work, I sought to pair the barbarous with the deeply introspective, throwing in a couple of grooves along the way. I feel it as a work to "let loose" so to speak and release much of the restrictive tension quarantine and the pandemic as a whole has brought upon us. It is written in an ABA' form with the last section mirroring the first in terms of emotional drive. The middle section serves as the heart of the work and is an inward reconciling of the grief many of us feel from this difficult time.

Instrumentation: Violin, 2 Violas, 2 Cellos
Duration: 11'
Composed: 2020
Published by: Raphael Press
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